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I have about fifteen years of work experience in the fields of marketing, public relations, media, and social media.

I started my career in 2000 at the Commercial Bank of Qatar for five years, and then I joined the​Ministry of (AWQAF) Endowments & Islamic Affairs in the State of Qatar as a Public Relation Officer, then as a Marketing Manager for one of the biggest projects of AWQAF and on one of the most leading online websites, namely (, for four years.

Currently, I am managing the social media channels of Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs- Qatar, and I am also Media Consultant and Social Media Manager at Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation (RAF).


My background in managing projects and launching media & marketing campaigns, along with actions and implementation plans represent a unique combination of disciplines.


At the Personal level, I have demonstrated the drive and determination to consistently achieve success as a leader in all of the organizations in which I have worked.


My objective is to leverage my experience while continuing in holding challenges posts.

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