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Core Professional strengths & skills

Team Building     
Problem solving 
Employee motivation     
Contract negotiations   
Customer services         
Policy and procedures administration

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Work experience​

Public Relation and Media staff (Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs)

Jan 2003 – up to date​.

My Responsibilities are


Directing the Social Media (Facebook , Twitter ,YouTube , Instagram , Forums )

Prepare and edit organizational publications for internal and external audiences, including employee newsletters and stockholders' reports.

Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of community, consumer,employee, and public interest groups.

Consult with advertising agencies or staff to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of   media for products, organizations, or individuals.

Create and establish Ministry identity plan in the media.

Assists Public Relations Manager in planning, coordinating and executing public relations
activities and events at the District to promote a positive image.

Assists Public Relations Manager and other staff in coordinating District print, broadcast and new media advertising campaigns.​




Head of the Marketing Division (Islam Web)

My Responsibilities are

Establishing the Marketing Section of the

Developing annual marketing plan in conjunction with Public Relation Department Managing  the budget of the Marketing Department.

Delivering of all marketing activities within the approved budget.

Directing the marketing staff concerned with budgets planning.

Managing all aspects of print productions, receipts and distributions.

Specifying market requirements for current and future products by conducting market    research, supported by on-going visits to customers and non-customers.

Driving (Drawing up Working out) a set of solutions related to the development teams (Primarily the Development, and Marketing Communications teams) through (to meet) the market requirements.

Developing and implementing a market plan and working with all departments to execute it.

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the potential competitors to

Developing marketing strategies for the website.

Supervising and monitoring the implementation of the marketing plans and strategies.

Preparing reports related to the marketing activities.

Supporting the team members of the

Supervise /in charge of   the section staff.

Reviewing advertising and promotional plans, as well as monitoring marketing researches.

Public Relations Officer: Ministry on Endowments & Islamic Affairs (Islam Web)​

My Responsibilities are

Implementing the communications and the marketing strategies for
Implementing and evaluating the wide internal communication strategies of the organization to engage employees with business objectives and to enhance their motivations.
Designing and delivering the annual communication plans, co-ordinating the contributions of  the team members and ensuring the delivery of services of  highest quality and efficiency.
Implementing and managing a comprehensive public relations program that includes
relationship building with media partners across Qatar.
Presenting the (vision, goals and services) of using a variety of media outlets and by participating in local and international exhibitions.
Providing continuous support to the ongoing public and media relations support to and its clients (visitors).
Establishing plans to propagate the website.
Supervising all press releases and publications  related to the website (brochures and
Acknowledging and responding to mails from viewers.
Monitoring the "Voting" or viewers’ response to the site.
Arranging reception of visiting delegations in coordination with local and international
Facilitating the travel arrangements for the formal delegations from our site to other countries.
Establishing and managing plans for the site marketing.
Facilitating the financial and business affairs held between the site and the international
Writing articles about Islam web in newspapers and news agencies.

Arranging and participating of the Site in external and internal Exhibitions. (Participated in more than 20 exhibitions’ around the world) – Exhibition names are available upon request-

Head of Media Centre Eid Charitable association (part time)​

May 2008 - August 2010

My Responsibilities are

Preparing the annual plan for the media section (hiring, budget general strategies)

Preparing media plans for each of the organization's projects as well as the plans for the    committees and sections of the organization.
Preparing the annual executive plan as well as the marketing and media plans.
Direct supervision of all section heads of all media sections.
Representing the organization in all activities and events locally and internationally.
Liaising with local and international media and advertising agencies

​The Management of Commercial Bank of Qatar

I have worked in different banking positions as follows:​​

* Risk Administration Assistant (Corporate Management)

Jan 1998- Dec.2002

My Responsibilities are

Checking all the credit file memos (lending approvals, supporting & securities documents and customer’s credit status report).
Input/ Fixing all the credit facilities limits in the system.
Checking and amending all the Qatar Central Bank risk & notification reports.
Handling of all Qatar Central Bank reports (High Volume Concentration and Bank Inquire Unit.
Releasing, amending and holding the customers accounts when required.

*Credit Risk Assistant (Credit Controller) (Retail Management)


My Responsibilities are

Checking over limit Credit Cards Reports (Visa, Diners Club) & daily Casual   Overdrawn    Reports.
Checking the Vehicles and Personal Loans files.
Stopping and reactivating all credit cards).
Handing all releases, obligations letters for the customers
Supervising (CBQ / Non CBQ) and prepare static’s reports on all release / obligation letters issued to the customers (on monthly basis).
Checking all the securities for all the new issues and renewal of credit cards.


My Responsibilities are

Answering customers’ inquiries over the phone.
Applying for new Credit Cards and for Personal or Vehicle loans over the phone.
Providing the customers with the information regarding the bank’s new products over the phone.

*Collector Assistant (Collection Department)

My Responsibilities are

Checking arrears analysis reports.
Checking newspapers for terminated customers and contacting them for settlement.
Contacting Credit Cards customers and their guarantors (if any)
Delivering of files of defaulter customers to the lawyer to take legal action.
Arranging sending direct debit instructions to other banks against non-CBQ customers.
Receiving past due payment from customers.
Preparation of credit cards recovery tickets.

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